Ben gave a virtual talk for the Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Sciences at the University of Zurich.

Ben has a new paper out in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology about the maintenance of sex by parasitism in the absence of so-called ‘Red Queen Dynamics’.


Congratulations to Nar, who has successfully passed his thesis defence! He will be joining the Biology & Biochemistry department at Bath as a Teaching Fellow.


Lydia Buckingham has joined the group as a PhD student.

Ben is supervising an MMath project for Hettie Chapman, who will be working on STIs.


Ben has released a new preprint on how social information and disease combine to shape the coevolution of host sociality and parasite virulence.


Ben has a new paper out in Proceedings of the Royal Society B on key questions for modelling COVID-19 exit strategies.


Congratulations to Tom Griffiths and Tim Coulter, who have finished their MMath projects and are graduating this summer.


Ben gave a Royal Institute Masterclass for ~100 teenagers on mathematical epidemiology called “Going Viral!”

Ben gave a talk in Engineering Mathematics at the University of Bristol on niche theory.

Ben has a new paper out in Trends in Ecology and Evolution on measuring coevolutionary dynamics in multi-species communities.


Ben is teaching MA10202: Modelling the dynamics of life 2 this semester for first-year Natural Science students and second-year Biology students.