Cameron and Ben’s paper about critical weaknesses in shielding strategies for COVID-19
has been published in PLOS Glob Public Health and has received a fair amount of press coverage. Read online | PDF

Ben has (finally) published one of his leftover PhD chapters about the impact of social information on the coevolution of sociality and virulence in Evolution. Read online | PDF

Jason has returned to his PhD following a 12 month secondment with UKHSA. Welcome back!


Ben has joined Simon Fraser University as an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics.


Ben has co-authored a paper in Epidemics about challenges for modelling interventions in future pandemics. Read online | PDF


Cameron and Ben have released a new preprint on the antigenic evolution of SARS-CoV-2 in immunocompromised hosts.

Lydia and Ben have had their review on coevolutionary theory published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology. Read online | PDF